Tech-ing steps towards Optimal Health

Guest Post By Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, Ph.D.
Dr. Steve is Director of Patient Wellness at the Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center, Scottsdale AZ, and Chief Science Officer of Nudge LLC.
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                                  Health in the palm of your hand!

Technology is everywhere.  We can either embrace it, or … try to ignore it.  Nowhere is this decision more important than in the area of health-related technology. Continue reading “Tech-ing steps towards Optimal Health”

You Are What You Wear(able)!

Technology has produced remarkable cultural changes over the last few years, including major innovations in health and wellness. Whether it is sleep, diet, exercise, fitness, stress, or anything else – you can be sure of one thing!…

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                                                                 There’s an app for that!

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‘DeFeeting’ the Fear of Falling

Falling forwardIn one of my recent posts ‘Tips for Staying Topside’, I wrote that falling is right at the top of a ‘Worry List’ for older adults. Adding to this worry are the unwelcome and, often, all to visible signs of the consequences of falling, such as bruising, pain and other soft tissue injury.
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Don’t Regret – Reframe!

mind-767584_1920In my last post I asked where thoughts came from, and introduced the concept of what I called ‘MetaThinking’ – the process of thinking about your thinking.
I also talked about the fact that “…our thoughts drive our actions – for better or worse”.
What I want to ask in this post is…

…wouldn’t it be better if it was for better?

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More ‘Can Do’ conversations

Couple Working on machinesThis is the second post relating my recent conversations about ‘Usual’ vs ‘Successful’ Aging with a group of older adults. I was comparing what ‘usually’ happens with strength to what can happen … and what actually does happen with persons in their ‘second fifty years’ who regularly participate in a strength training program. As I said in my previous post, I spent some time talking to members of the audience after the talk, and we discussed a number of important points relating to active, healthy aging.  I wanted to share the rest of these with you in this second post.
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‘Can Do’ conversations

Lady RowI was talking the other day about some interesting statistics relating to strength and aging, during a presentation I was giving on ‘Usual’ vs ‘Successful’ Aging.  The focus of my talk was to compare what ‘usually’ happens with strength to what can happen. More importantly, I wanted to talk about what actually does happen with persons who intentionally set out to increase their strength through a regular program of strength training. After the talk, I spent some time with members of the audience and we discussed a number of important points relating to active, healthy aging.  I wanted to share these with you over the next two posts.
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Strengthen your Health!

Strength Training is no longer ‘just for jocks’, ‘just for young people’ ‘just for men’, or even ‘just for strength’!

The research I have conducted for more than 3 decades has convinced me that strength is the foundation of independence, vitality and quality of life for older adults. While one of the obvious benefits of strength training is, of course, increased strength, there are many more benefits to be gained from a regular program of moderate to high intensity strength training. This includes reducing both the risk and occurrence of a variety of disabling diseases and health conditions. Continue reading “Strengthen your Health!”

Tips for staying ‘Topside’!

What’s up with falling down?

Falling, and the fear of falling, is right at the top of a ‘Worry List’ for older adults – and here’s why

More than one third of adults 65 and older fall each year in the United States
Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths. They are also the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma

However there is also GOOD NEWS…
Despite what society in general, and even older adults in particular, think, AGING IN AND OF ITSELF IS NOT THE CAUSE OF FALLING! Continue reading “Tips for staying ‘Topside’!”