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Hi – Wayne Phillips here. Welcome to Better Tomorrows!

After decades of scientific writing, blogging frees me up to express thoughts, feelings, opinions, expectations and responses that would not easily fit the academic mold. I have started smaller blog sites in the past, but this is now my main connection with the wider world.

In many ways this blog is the natural extension of more than 30 years of speaking, publishing and consulting on active, healthy aging issues. I will be drawing extensively on these experiences for much of my posted content.

my speaking
I have spoken extensively in the US and the UK to international and national conference attendees, local community groups and everything in between! Most of my 150+ talks have been focused on active healthy aging, although in the last several years I have been more specifically concerned with optimal approaches to lifestyle change. You can book me to speak here

my publications
As a scientist my research agenda focused on the contribution of strength regeneration to healthy, active aging. I have published extensively in scientific journals, magazines, newspapers as well as on health-related websites. My research has been cited widely in the research literature. You can see a comprehensive list of this work here.

my fascinations
Early in my career I originally focused on training for sports, exercise and fitness. However, I increasingly began to wonder about the unknowns of what was then referred to as ‘behavior change’. Looking back on this time, I remember being initially puzzled (and occasionally a little irritated!) about why most people continued not to be active when, paradoxically, they also knew it was much better for them to be active!

Today, however, after many years of training as a coach, working with coaches and discussions with coaches, I have a whole different way of thinking (and asking) about the fascinating mystery of ‘why we do what we do’. If you would like to learn more about how this may benefit you, please contact me here.

Every action we take in life is the result of a choice of some kind, whether conscious or unconscious. However, what is it that underpins – or undermines – a person’s choosing to take action to change something in their life? This is often something that they say they want to change – but often also say they have repeatedly ‘failed’ to change. In other words, that what they chose to do was unsuccessful. Why do most people have difficulty making good choices about issues in their lives that are important to them? This is my fascination – and whether we can access the thinking behind the choices we make that lead to our ‘behaviors’ (Spoiler alert: WE CAN!)

my content
I plan to write informative posts that will contribute to Better Tomorrows for all. However in line with my philosophy of  ‘thinking about thinking’,  I also want to create posts that go beyond simply information provision. I want to write about topics and attitudes and areas of interest that elicit the kind of self reflection and self knowledge that enhances a deeper clarity of thinking. This is the most powerful approach to making better choices for meaningful lifestyle change.

The goal is to know yourself, not to change yourself

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BY THE WAY, my recently published book “Thought Moves: An inner guide to active living” illustrates the ‘thinking about thinking’ nature of my philosophy. You can purchase this book here.

my contact info
You can contact me through the comments box at the bottom of each blog post. You can  also follow me  on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn. I also encourage to be a ‘part of the conversation’ by leaving a comment on any posts that catch your interest. See you on the blog!